Jon Kaiman

Candidate for the United States Congress – New York’s 3rd District

Jon Headshot 3I have dedicated my life to helping others and to ensuring that our communities continue to prosper. From 2004 through 2013, I served as North Hempstead Town Supervisor, and most recently, I served under Governor Cuomo as Long Island’s Storm Recovery “Czar” and as the Chairman of the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority overseeing Nassau County’s efforts at financial recovery.

As your congressman, I intend to fight for our communities and to speak out on the core Democratic issues that are important to all of us like standing with Planned Parenthood, supporting rational gun control measures, recognizing the scientific realities of climate change and taking on Donald Trump. As North Hempstead Town Supervisor, where I created and implemented Project Independence, a program that helps our senior citizens age in place, bringing 311 and municipal performance measurement standards to our town, and our environmental initiatives.

I’m proud of my achievements relating to balancing our town budgets, improving government accountability, and fighting to make government work for all of us.

I hope that you will support me in the Democratic Primary on June 28th.

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Gun Control

Please click here for more on Jon Kaiman’s Gun Control Support

Jon Kaiman is calling for an immediate ban on assault weapons. According to Jon Kaiman, “I believe that buying military style assault weapons that can mow down hundreds of people in a matter of moments is not, was not, and should not ever be justified under the guise of protecting our constitutional freedoms. It is unconscionable that a person can walk into a gun shop and buy a military style assault rifle at all let alone with the limited background check process that presently exists.”

“Allowing the gun lobby to set the parameters of our gun laws while defining our constitution is simply wrong. We all know what the second amendment says. We also know what it means. And we know what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that anyone at anytime can buy military style killing machine under the guise of constitutionally protected liberty or inalienable right. If you want an assault rifle, then join the army (or any other well-regulated militia such as your local national guard). “


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Teamsters Local 817 is excited to formally announce its endorsement of Jon Kaiman in his bid for the third Congressional District,” said President Thomas O’Donnell. “Jon’s record as a dedicated public servant and forward thinking leader have proven to us that he is the best choice to succeed Rep. Israel. As a life-long friend of Labor and the theatrical trades, we look forward to helping Jon Kaiman get elected to Congress. Teamsters Local 817

Jon Kaiman stands out as a progressive leader who is steadfast on issues of importance, but also able to find common ground. In a climate today of political soundbites and gimmicks, Jon is a leader on so many key issues that define our future on Long Island, and he has been able to do it in a bipartisan fashion. He will be a Congressman of national importance. Robert Zimmerman

Democratic National Committeeman

The 3rd Congressional District

The Third Congressional District spans portions of northeastern Queens County, northern Nassau County and northwestern Suffolk County.